These are our places, they tell our stories.

What are we doing to conserve them?

Many memories hidden inside these little spaces.

The places that attract us, do they lead us back to ourselves?


We all have places where we immediately feel a part of ourselves come back to life. Where we are reminded of who we are, why we are here. Little bits of information on the walls, in the streets, laying dormant within the leaves, revealing themselves as we walk past. As we humans change and evolve, so do the places we create. These are some of the places that have caught my attention, shaped who I’ve become, who I’ve returned to. Places I’ve found worthy of conserving, in their state at that specific moment in time.

I’d like to share them with you.

Maybe you’d like a framed photograph in your home or office? Or a commissioned shoot in one of your favorite corners of the world? Contact me and we’ll make it happen.


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