We’re all people, takin’ it one day at a time.

Who do you reflect onto the lens?

It would be so lovely to see your face here.

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My favorite part of a photo shoot is the moment when the barriers finally come down and true feelings begin to seep through. Along the spectrum of human experience, we have such a wide range of emotions and expressions. Through photography, my aim is to freeze time, and show you as you are on the day we meet, to reveal your inner beauty at this specific phase in your life. What marks do your thoughts and emotions leave on your unique face? What words and images do your eyes communicate? Our time shared with a camera is about connection, self-awareness, self-love. With these qualities in place, your soul shines through, exposing the depths of your wonder and the fragment of humanity only you can share.

Please join us here, it would be my pleasure to meet you and weave your exquisiteness into this growing group of faces.


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