There are things that shape the way we see.

Are they the ones that led us here?

Behind the lens is:


About me

Photography is a means of communication, a language without words. Through images, I see details, quirks, imperfections that yield pure, unaltered beauty. Because of this, a camera is always nearby. It makes me happy and helps me connect. In addition to photography, I love traveling/visiting like a local, lettuce, sparkles, and dark chocolate too!

photo by Clair Le Couteur



My aim is to lead you back to your creativity and reconnect you to that innate sense of self expression that we all possess. This has been the focus with all my students at Anglo-American University, Tiffin University, and the Lycée Français in Prague, and more informally, with participants of workshops in cities worldwide. See their work here!

photo by Janna Levi



Before connecting with you, I had to make sense of myself. My artistic practice not only expresses different states of my own existence, it advocates to de-stigmatize how emotional and mental imbalances are perceived by society. It is a guide from darkness to light, from turmoil to peace. I invite you to visit that space here.

photo by Rodrigo Urbina

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What an incredible opportunity for us to collaborate professionally, and connect as human beings for a greater vision.


Community Collaborations

Hispanic Access Foundation

Girls playing at Biscayne National Park in Homestead, FL

In honor of the Biscayne National Park centennial, Virginia Ansaldi at the Hispanic Access Foundation set to highlight Latinos using the parks. We collaborated with photography and text, giving a voice to those who love S. Florida nature.  View on Instagram @biscaynenps.


Nichole and her team at StudiOm

StudiOm is an Iyengar yoga studio in Jackson, MS. If you’re looking for an alignment-based practice and an incredibly dedicated community, this is the place for you. Reconnect to your body with these amazing teachers right in the heart of Fondren, Jackson’s art district.

Connection Coalition

Terri Cooper with her students at North Miami Senior High

Working with Terri is always an honor as she truly interacts with her students from the heart. Check out her non-profit Connection Coalition (formerly known as Yoga Gangsters) and see all of the incredible work she is up to in Miami, FL and nationally.

Crowd Qwest

Natalie West in front of The Wonder Lab

Natalie is a force to be reckoned with in Jackson, MS. With her new endeavor, Crowd Qwest, based out of the Wonder Lab in Fondren, she is the mama-hen of social media for emerging, local, creative talent. Make sure to visit when in town!

Ignition Fund

The Weird Science Ball fundraising event against sex trafficking

Sandy Skelaney is the mastermind behind Ignition Fund, an organization that raises awareness and funds for victims and survivors of sex trafficking. This image shows the quiet before the storm at their Halloween fundraising event at the University of Miami.

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